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Welcome to the shop! I specialize in selling affordable fossils, for everyone to enjoy.

I began selling fossils back in 2019. And I am still doing it today. We are located in the Netherlands (Holland) I sell and ship fossils from all over the world, And we have 500 satisfied customers. That number is still growing to this day.

We sell to both collectors and paleontologists. schools and people who like to decorate their homes with something special.

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we strive to sell fossils all over the world. no matter in which continent you live. shipping is most times free or discounted. that way you don’t have to pay a large sum of money for fossils ever again.

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We try to satisfy every customer we have. we offer the best prices, free or discounted shipping, and the best fossils. We try to get the fossils to your door as fast as possible. Do you have complaints or do you want to contact us about something? We offer a lot of varieties to contact us.


are you not satisfied with your order, is something wrong? or do you want to ask us a question. we are here for you. you can contact us via our contact page or directly via our mail address.


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